Our partnerships allow us to communicate your distinct needs on a contractual level directly with top decision makers. Based on your specific needs GlySolutions hand selects and negotiates your terms with top performers in your industry.

These select carriers have a proven record of successful results in your focus area. This strategy results in reliable, efficient and cost-effective solutions designed specifically for our valued clients.

Our hands on approach when working with our partners is simply unparalleled. We have absolute clarity that our business is only as successful as our partners, and we are committed to providing high quality services that reflect that.


First and foremost, the personal human touch. Our team prides itself on being friendly, honest and responsive. Our elite partnership allows us to offer comprehensive logistical services to our member clients.

Our team encompasses twenty-five plus years of experience in logistics and supply chain management in the air and ground transportation industries.


We have evaluated and partnered with several top tiered transportation carriers. The carriers were assessed and selected first based on safety, reliability and industry credibility. Other criteria used included the carrier's specific area of expertise, operations span, processes and overall quality and value of services offered. Our partners extension of our supply chain allowing us to seamlessly integrate shipping logistics services delivering a total customer satisfaction experience.


We offer warehousing capabilities, based on your specific needs, we can store, consolidate and package your freight so it ships in the most efficient and cost-effective option available.


We provide 24/7 updates and feedback on your shipments via our responsive support agents. Speak to our agents directly or utilize our enhanced web-based technologies so you can make informed and accurate decisions on your shipments for you and your customers.


Get up to the moment updates on your shipments with our state-of-the-art tracking technologies. We provide you with the most advanced technology, innovative tools and peronal features which enables us to ensure your shipments are transported in a safe, reliable, efficient and cost-effective way.

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